Universal USB Installer Windows 10 Free Download

Universal USB Installer Windows 10: Windows own an overwhelming market share with 91.8% of traffic coming from windows-based machines. Windows users, out in large numbers, can take things easy with the help of Universal USB Installer Windows.

Universal USB Installer Windows is a versatile tool that can be used to boot or install Windows Operating System using Flash Drive or thumb drive with Universal USB Installer (UUI). UUI, being an open source application for windows, is used to create Windows install USB and Linux Live USB.

Universal USB Installer Windows 10

Universal USB Installer Windows 10

The bootable USB can be used for checking any hardware problems or problems in normal boot-up of Windows on your laptop or PC.

Using a USB Flash Drive to boot definitely has an edge over using optical media like CDs and DVDs which are quite obsolete now. Many computers are also not equipped with an optical drive. In these cases and otherwise, the USB drives are portable and versatile. Moreover, many operating systems like Windows Vista, 7 & 8 no longer fit into a CD.

Universal USB Installer Windows 7 iso

Just as it is better to be prepared with an umbrella before it rains, it is wiser to use USB as they can be used as recovery drives. In cases when your PC stops booting, boot drive can do all that it takes to bring the machine back to normal. You can boot your PC, change passwords and recover data with the help of Universal USB Installer Windows.

In this way, Windows users can reap the benefits of solid-state storage media like flash drive which is more durable than CDs, is faster, consume less power and is compact.

Universal USB Installer Windows 10 iso

You need to have a thumb drive that is at least 4 GB or larger in size.

For creating a bootable Flash Drive with windows, we make use of a multipurpose tool ‘Universal USB Installer’ or ‘UUI’. It will be useful to know that UUI supports windows disc images and a number of Linux distros. It can be used for creating a bootable flash drive with Windows 10.

(Please disable the anti-virus programs temporarily, before staring.)

  1. Download the utility tool from pendrivelinux.com
  2. Run UUI after putting the flash drive.
  3. You will see a dropdown menu in the next window. Select the operating system you want to install on the USB drive (Windows vista, 7, or 8).
  4. Locate the Windows ISO disc image file
  5. Select the USB letter
  6. Click on ‘Create’ button
  7. Click ‘Yes’ on the dialog box that follows.

The creation process of Universal USB Installer Windows takes only up to five to ten minutes depending on the speed of your drive.

Universal USB Installer Windows 8

For simplification and comfort, please add a persistent storage area. With the help of persistence feature, you can save back the changes in the flash drive itself instead of in system RAM. The drive will thus be updated for the next time use.

With these easy steps, you have a bootable flash drive for windows ready to use. You can now easily boot, install or re-install windows by creating Universal USB Installer windows.


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