Universal USB Installer Ubuntu [ Step By Step Guide ]

Universal USB Installer Ubuntu: Users of Ubuntu are everywhere. With a rate of 20 million users everyday,this open-source linux distro is an important running platform for Uber, Netflix, Snapchat and a great start for non-linux veterans.

For those who enjoy this open source Linux Distribution, Universal USB Installer Ubuntu has brought glad tidings. They can now create a live Linux bootable USB and easily use it. Simply boot from this USB drive while keeping all your customizations saved on the drive.

Universal USB Installer Ubuntu

Universal USB Installer Ubuntu

Having a bootable copy of Ubuntu in hand is one of the best things in terms of preparing for problematic situations prior to their occurance. The flash Drive works as a system rescue as you can easily fix the broken copy of your operating system. And if you are aware of the dangers of online banking through Windows, then choosing Universal USB Installer Ubuntu is the safest available option.

Besides, using a flash drive is much faster, practical (as more and more computers have USB ports than optical drives) and its upto you whether you want to save the system changes or not. Creating a Universal USB Installer Ubuntu doesn’t take much time and expense and ensures huge safety and portability.

Universal USB Installer Ubuntu Server

Typically, a persistent storage space is used while creating Universal USB Installer Ubuntu. This allows the user to save data changes to the USB storage helping them to recover and use data on further boots on same or different machines.

The persistence feature ensures benefits of greater storage space and lightening the load and wear on the USB drive.

Installation and Requirements of Universal USB Installer Ubuntu

  • A Flash Drive of at least 2 Gigabytes formatted with FAT 32 file system
  • Presence of ISO file for Ubuntu.
  • Before installation, Universal USB Installer needs to be downloaded and run. The installer runs under Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Please note that the files currently saved on the flash drive will remain as such after the installation.

Steps to create a Universal USB Installer Ubuntu can vary depending on the present Operating System you are using.

  1. From the Universal USB Installer Setup, choose Ubuntu.
  2. Select the iso file.
  3. Select your USB Flash Drive
  4. Use the option of persistence to select how much space you want to use for persistent storage on your USB Drive.
  5. Click Create and installation will be done.

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You can also clap your eyes on Canonical Ltd., the leader of  Ubuntu project. The company has endorsed Universal USB Installer Ubuntu. The ubuntu download page also contain instructions for installing the operating system to a USB Flash Drive.

Universal USB Installer Ubuntu Studio

Universal USB Installer Ubuntu comes with the convinience of a flash drive that can be carried even in a key ring. You also have the option to configure Ubuntu on the drive to save the changes made. So create one and enjoy its trouble-free performance. Universal USB Installer Ubuntu.

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