Universal USB Installer Software Free Download [2018]

Universal USB Installer Software Free Download: Universal USB Installer is a versatile tool used to create live Linux USB. With a simple interface, users can select from a variety of Linux distributions and create a bootable USB drive. In this way, they have the convenience to carry their favorite Operating System in their pocket.

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Universal USB Installer does not come with any tricky commands and being a portable software, it is easily downloaded and run. Its user-friendly approach, wizard-design makes it an effective and popular tool, especially for those who want to start using Linux.

There are however similar other software available in the market as alternatives to Universal USB Installer. These utilities also help to format, create bootable USB drives and can be very useful. We will give a brief description about them.

Universal USB Installer Software Free Download [2018]

Universal USB Installer Software Free Download

Rufus: Rufus is a software utility that can create bootable USB drives to install an Operating System or flash a BIOS. This open source application also formats the drive (so take back-up), checks for bad blocks, and help in system recovery. Rufus occupies a small space on the drive and has an efficient user interface.  So, use Rufus for creating reliable and portable versions of bootable and recovery drives.

UNetbootin: Unetbootin is an easy to use software that is used to create live Linux USBs across various platforms. Many Linux distributions, system utilities and other Operating Systems can be loaded. The application can be easily downloaded and used on Windows, Linux and Mac computers.

Etcher: Etcher is a safe and easy way to burn images to SD Cards and USB drives. It is an open source, cross-platform software which can be easily installed with a beautiful interface. This SD Card burner application can be used for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms and is easily extensible for developers too.

YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer): YUMI is a very useful tool that can be used to create multiple Operating Systems, anti-virus utilities, disc cloning, dianostic tools etc. A successor to MutibootISOs, YUMI can add more than one distribution to run live from the USB Drive. YUMI formats the drive as it installs. This ensures enough space for creating utilities and rescue disks.

LinuxLive USB Creator: LinuxLive USB Creator is a powerful, open-source software for Windows that creates portable, bootable and virtualized USB stick running Linux. Users can run Linux in Windows without any configuration or installation. This is due to the option of automatic virtualization. An free software supporting hundreds of Linux Distributions, LinuxLive USB Ceator is available in a lot of languages and is very easy to use.

Multiboot USB: Multiboot USB is a free, cross-platform software which helps to install multiple live Linux on a USB Disk. Using this application, users can install and uninstall many distributions.

Apart from the above mentioned alternatives, there are many other programs available in the market like LiveUSB Install, MultiSystem, SARDU, Mac Linux USB Loader, SUSE Studio Image Writer, WinSetupfromUSB. All these applications are similar to Universal USB Installer and can serve as great tools to create Live Linux USBs.

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