Universal USB Installer Portable [Step By Step Guide]

Universal USB Installer Portable: Technology users who seek the power of the penguin significantly put their trust in the Linux Operating System. Due to its remarkable performance in terms of flexibility, security, speed, ease and scalability, Linux has established a substantial position in the electronic world.

Universal USB Installer Ubuntu

Universal USB Installer Portable

To keep up with the demands, its developers have released many Linux distributions. Trying and Installing each distribution as and when it comes may be required. However, doing it with a CD every time can prove an expensive option. A discerning choice would be ‘Universal USB Installer Portable’

Universal USB InstallerPortable is a tool that can make things as easy as drinking a glass of water. Yes! It is a live linux USB creator. Users can choose from the Linux distributions they want to put on a flash drive and easily install the linux operating system of their choice. They can thus carry this portable OS with them and can use it on any computer with the help of the created bootable device.

The whole process of putting a live distribution is thus simplified with the help of Universal USB Installer Portable. A portable application like this offers many advantages. It is can be easily downloaded from the pendrivelinux.com website, is light in weight (less than 1 MB) than other installer applications, leaves small footprint on your PC, can be run on many PCs and even on a network.

In addition to it, Universal USB Installer Portable also offers the ability to format a flash drive before using and making a persistent storage space on the USB drive to save data changes back to the drive instead of system RAM. Users can thus use the updated version next time.

Universal USB Installer Portable definitely has a wider approach with many  notebooks and laptops which may not have an option of CD drives. They are, however compatible with USB drives.

A faster access to your favourite Linux distro with customized arrangements. What else one may be looking for? Just choose your favourite Linux distribution, download Universal USB Installer Portable and get a 4 GB USB drive. This combination will work for you as a well-oiled machine!

Universal USB Installer Portable is a Windows Application weighing less than 1 MB. It is very easy to use with a simple interface that can be completed in three easy steps. Let us see how :

You need to select your live linux distribution, the ISO file and pen drive. Download the Universal USB Installer portable application from pendrivelinux.com and proceed :

  1. Run the Universal USB Installer. You will see a Setup box.
  2. Select the linux distribution, ISO file, flash drive letter from the drop down menus and click ‘Create’.
  3. You will be lead to an installer Setup box. It will complete the istallation in around 5-10 minutes. After it is done, click ‘Close’.

Your bootable drive is ready. You can install Debian, Ubuntu, Knoppix, Puppy, Lucid Puppy, Gentoo, etc linux distros with this great tool.

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So, try Universal USB Installer Portable next time you need a new linux distribution. Get in tune with this efficient technology tool.

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