Universal USB Installer Mac [Step By Step Guide]

Universal USB Installer Mac: The idea of creating a Live Linux distribution on a USB drive with a tool like Universal USB Installer is quite useful. It gives several advantages like security, true random access, easy sharing, portability etc.

It also serves as a simple and inexpensive backup tool for emergency when your existing startup drive doesn’t work and puts you grasping at straws.

However, the option of creating bootable USB drives with your preferred Operating System that can natively work on an Apple Macintosh machine does not come with Universal USB Installer.

Universal USB Installer Mac

Universal USB Installer Mac

Universal USB Installer Alternatives for Mac

We know that the users of Universal USB Installer are quite comfortable in using the software as it does not come with any tricky commands.

However, be pleased to know that there are alternative applications available to Universal USB Installer which can still meet the expectations.

So, until a version, which can create bootable USB drives on your favorite Mac is developed by Pendrivelinux, we appeal you to use these alternatives.

Mac Linux USB Loader: An open source application that supports major Linux distros. It has an easy-to-use user interface which removes a lot of guesswork and lets you configure and setup without any hassle. The only application that allows you to take an ISO disc image file of a Linux distro and boot it on your Mac OS while using EFI.

UNetbootin: Among the list of utilities for creating Live USB, UNetbootin is a cross-platform utility available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. While installing, the application does not format the device and supports all the mainstream Linux distributions. It also supports persistence feature for Ubuntu.

Etcher: Etcher is a simple and easy piece of software for Mac version. It is also available for Windows and Linux. With a simple interface, you can make stable and quicker installations by burning ISO images to the USB or SD Card. Just select the image, drive, Flash and it is ready to boot.

Deepin Boot Maker: Users can easily create boot disks with its simple, robust and easy to use interface. It offers a pleasant installation process, allow you to personalize themes, icons, fonts etc in the control panel, and a customized background image for the boot menu.

Linux USB Creator: You can create a Live Linux USB for Mac in a simple and easy way. Just select the Linux distribution and a USB drive. Your selected ISO file will be copied and boot loader will be installed. The new drive is ready to use.

DiskMaker X: Graphical User Interface with a small menu and uncomplicated process to create a bootable drive. It performs a clean install using the installer Application that is downloaded from the Apple store.

Taking 8 GB or larger USB thumb drive, run the DiskMaker Application. Pick the OS X version, Installer App and the media on which you are creating the bootable drive. It will create the bootable drive within a span of 30 minutes.

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While Universal USB Installer runs well on Windows, Mac Users may receive the intended comfort and convenience from any of these alternatives which are good to go with their requirements.


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