Universal USB Installer for Linux [ Step By Step Guide ]

Universal USB Installer for Linux: Aspiring users of Linux who are convinced of its powerful, flexible, secure and reliable features can benefit from Linux Univeral USB Installer. Software programs required to be installed on PCs, notebooks, laptops need not be done with the help of Optical Media alone.

Linux Universal USB Installer is an operating install disk that can be used to install Linux operating System on your computer.

Universal USB Installer for Linux

Universal USB Installer for Linux

Apart from this, it can also scan, check the RAM for errors, CPU Temperature, solve and disgnose such hardware related problems. In this way, Linux Universal USB Installer can act as an installer drive or a diagnostic tool for your Personal Computer.

This is done by making adjustments or formatting the disk in a manner as required by the Linux OS and putting required installation files. The created bootable flash drive makes installation process smooth and elegant. This is because it is easy to write programs in USB, is much faster than optical media and is portable. Yes, so portable to carry in your pocket!

Universal USB Installer for Linux Ubuntu

The application is not an add-on or a part of some bundled software. This stand-alone feature makes Linux Universal USB Installer secure and faster in access. Linux Universal USB Installer hits the spot of various users by giving them a choice of Linux distributions. With a collection of application and utility softwares on a USB Flash Drive, users can easily select the one they want.

Universal USB Installer for Linux – Step by Step Guide

Using the Linux Universal USB installer is easy and effortless. You can install, boot or run your favorite Linux distribution from this portable pen drive. Simply follow these steps to make your USB device ready to use.

1. Run Universal USB Installer and choose a Linux Distribution. (USB Installer can be downloaded from PenDriveLinux.com)

2. Choose the .iso file.

3. Select the Pen Drive in which you want to install Linux

4. Click Install (You have a ready to run USB device with your portable Operating system.)

Persistent Thumb Drive version of Linux OS

Over and above these benefits is the comfort of persistence for the users of Linux Universal USB installer. This feature saves data changes back to the USB storage device instead of leaving them on system RAM, thus, allowing more storage space (Linux OS is compressed) which is independent of the OS. The feature also gives a prolonged life to USB Drive, and portability.

A point needs to be mentioned here. Since most computers try to find the default boot from their internal hard disk drives, we need to change the BIOS settings to boot Linux from a USB. It can be done by going to BIOS setup utility and change the device in Boot Device Priority Settings.

Universal USB Installer for Linux Mint 15

Linux Universal USB Installer acts as a very useful tool for technical support personnel as it can help them recover lost or inaccessible data due to some error. Virus attack, hardware failure and other technical problems can also be solved with a bootable flash drive.

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So, make Linux Universal USB Installer a part of your toolkit and carry your hotlists, settings, favorite games, files, email, applications, customization and Linux operating system in your pocket.

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