Installer Disc Could Not Be Found [ Window 7, iMac and Mac ]


Installer Disc Could Not Be Found: Getting this message can be quite troublesome because most times it comes continuously when trying to bootcamp the Window 7 using a mid 2010 iMac. Note that if your 2010 iMac does not support the USB booting to install windows via bootcamp system, then youd need to follw certain steps to correct this mishap.

Installer Disc Could Not Be Found

Installer Disc Could Not Be Found

  • Step 1:

Backup your recent and most important documents and files as well as to restore them once you have succeeded. Time Machine would be a good method to carry out this task, then make sure youre currently running the latest version of the ISO.

  • Step 2:

You would need to burn the Windows ISO to a physical medium e.g DVD and then use your inbuilt optical drive. Note, making use of an external optical drive would make your work volatile and inconclusive.

  • Step 3:

Download and install the Window 7 OS, if you have a modified version of the Bootcamp Info.plist but beware to not use the USB installer method as it would not work if that method is used. This should come after you have the two check boxes on your BC assistant window pane.

  • Step 4:

Open the Bootcamp Assistant from the utilities folder and then proceed to click continue

  • Step 5:

Select the option to create a Windows install disk and download the latest version of the Window support software from Apple store and proceed by clicking continue.

  • Step 6:

Insert your Windows install disc or choose your Window installation ISO and proceed by clicking continue. The Bootcamp erases your USB flash drive and prepares it for the windows installation. After the flash drive is prepared, you can now close the application.

  • Step 7:

download and install all relative drivers that is compatible with the Mac that you are using. after which you then proceed to decompress the zip file.

  • Step 8:

Open the resulting folder and then locate the following files and drag them to your USB flash drive. then there would be a notification asking you whether you would want to replace the file and you would click yes to allow it.

  • Step 9:

Proceed to open the Bootcamp Assistant again and click on continue to proceed to the next step of the installation.

  • Step 10:

Select only the option that indicates “install Windows or later version”. after this, click install and follow the onscreen prompt to repartition your drive and then install the Windows.

  • Step 11:

Close the Bootcamp Assistant and proceed to restarting the Mac to the Windows installer and when you are asked the destination of the installation, select the Bootcamp partition, then click on the drive option and format the Bootcamp partition. Proceed to complete the final installation processes by following the onscreen prompts.

After this driver installation is finished, log into the Windows to enable you to use it on your Mac. With all these step you would have successfully added the Windows 7 OS to your Mac.

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