Best Universal USB Charger Reviews [Before Buying Guide]

Best Universal USB Charger Reviews: Gone are the days of proprietary adaptors, wall-wart power supplies and other such interfaces to supply power to electronic devices such as Mobiles, laptops and tablets.

With the onset of Universal Serial Bus designed to standardize the connection of devices to supply power, technology has further integrated with the introduction of  Universal USB Chargers.

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A Universal USB Charger can be used to supply power to multiple portable devices at the same time. Their amazing compatability with various devices is what makes them universal. They also liberate us from the trouble of carrying so many chargers for different gadgets.

Best Universal USB Charger Reviews

Best Universal USB Charger Reviews

To find the best universal charging device for your portables, we should consider some factors that determine users’ requirements. These can be charging efficiency, number of ports, form and design of charger (there are wall chargers, corded hubs and organizer style), battery life, charging time, convenience of use, price, etc.

Depending on the requirements of different users, some may favour a combination of all these factors while others may give importance to one over the rest.

Although it is difficult to recommend a one stop solution in this regard, yet with your needs defined and a little information from our side, we hope you would be able to find the perfect Universal USB Charger.


According to a published report on 17 July, 2017, the best Multiport USB Wall Charger, as considered by most people is Anker’s PowerPort 4. It can charge four devices at once.

Imagine three full-size iPads and a smartphone, all getting charged simultaneously at full speed. All devices drawing the sufficient amount of power as needed!

This 40 Watt four-port charger can plug in directly into an outlet instead of using a power cable. There is no need to figure out the right port for your device. Each port will deliver the proper ampearage.

The AnkerPowerPort 6 – If you need to charge even more devices than four, then invest a little extra in this 60 W 6-port AnkerPower charger. It uses a 5 foot power cable to easily place it at your desired location.

AnkerPowerPort 6 is not bulky and you can charge upto 6 iPads at once. So, if you need extra ports, pick up this powerful charger!

Juicy Power 7-Port Charging Station – An organiser-style charging station with UL-safety certification. It has 7 ports of 2.4A output with a compact design.

Anker PowerPort 2 – With an advanced charging technology which can maximize charging speed upto 2.4 A per port, Anker PowerPort 2 comes with a 18 month warranty and a friendly customer service.

It has a compact design, a foldable plug and a 100-240 volt input. The charger has double the power than Apple’s 12W USB power adapter and is only a little bigger than Apple’s iPad charger.

Anker has a leading technology with more than 20 million customers. These chargers are certified safe due to the presence of Anker’s MultiProtect safety system and upgraded hardware. Best Universal USB Charger Reviews

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