Universal USB Installer Download for Windows 10, 8, 7 [ 2019 ]

Universal USB Installer Download: Do you need an operating system that you can use anywhere which allows you to recover the data in case your device is crashed? Right place you visited Universal USB installer is a tool that can fulfill your requirement in this matter.

Universal USB Installer Download for Windows 10 8 7
This is a live Linux USB creator which helps you to select from a options of Linux distributions to add to a USB Flash Drive.

Universal USB Installer Download

Universal USB Installer is easy to use as you have simply chosen a Live Linux Distribution, select the ISO file and Flash Drive after that click install. After the completion, you will get a bootable USB Flash Drive with your selected operating system installed ready to run.

If you are unaware, live distributions of Linux provide an excellent sight into the open-source OS. The installer provides a simple solution to the queries surrounded with booting Linux directly from a CD. Live Linux CDs come with their own problems such as slow optical media and it is read-only.

Features of the Universal USB Installer

1. Easy to use.
2. Very light in weight.
3. It creates bootable USB drives/ flash sticks.
4. Specially designed for Linux distributions and also work with other ISO files too.
5. Contains disk formatting feature
6. Set determined file size for storing changes and much more.

System Requirements for Universal USB Installer

1. Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista – mycfavisit
2. Minimum 10MB of free space to keep the tool.
3. RAM 256MB
4. Single core processor or higher
5. Fat32 Formatted Flash Drive
6. System with a BOIS than can boot from USB

Steps To Download the Universal USB Installer on Windows PC

1. Download the Universal USB installer
2. Double click it and select run.
3. Select the Linux distribution openSUSE
4. Select the downloaded picture.
5. Select the USB device
6. Click the create button.

Universal USB Installer Windows 10

Apart from the very small and cheap, USB flash drive is really easy to use. You need to plug into a computer’s USB port and you can access the data stored on the drive immediately.

Run portable application and stores your data

In addition to the storage of your data, you can run the portable applications from a USB flash drive. You can complete office suite which includes OpenOffice, word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, database and drawing package which are available in a portable application. Use Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird are which are also available as portable applications. As you combine the office suite with the ability to surf the web and check emails.

Universal USB Installer Windows XP

Connect to the wireless network

In the presence of a wireless network, you can use the wireless network setup wizard in Windows XP or the windows or the windows connect feature built into Vista to save wireless network configuration information to a USB flash drive. This drive can be used very easily and quickly to connect a WCN-compatible device or another computer like a router or printer, to your wireless network. To get more details about the Wireless Network Setup Wizard you need to check the Help And Support Center which can be accessed from Windows XP start menu.

Speed up your System

Are you using the Windows Vista? Then with the use of it you can use a USB flash drive to boost your performance with the ReadyBoost technology. ReadyBoost is able to use the storage space on a USB Flash Drive as an additional memory cache to aid the memory cache through your hard disk. And due to Flash memory is more quick to respond than a hard disk, the memory cache provided, with its physical moving parts by ReadyBoost can significantly improve system responsiveness. Using the Readboost is too easy, you just need to insert your flash drive into your Vista system and follow the onscreen instructions to configure the use of it.

Can be used as an MP3 player

If you like to listen to music when you are using a computer at your work and you don’t have an MP3 player? With the help of USB flash drive as an MP3 player along with Windows Media Player and a set of headphones. You simply need to copy your MP3 files to your USB flash drive and plug it into your computer and direct Windows Media Player to build a library of the songs on your drive.

Universal USB Installer Windows 7

Transport your sensitive data

If you use the USB flash drive to save your sensitive data that you want to protect from the suspicious eyes, if you lose the drive, Rohos Mini Drive is able to safeguard that data. This security tool helps you to create a secret partition on the drive and then password-protect that partition. As a result, protecting the documents, you copy that partition through the utility’s file manager.

Universal USB installer for Windows

As an IT expert, you need to play around the multiple Linux-based operating systems. Whenever you are going to perform a clean install or merely use the Live boot portion to give the OS a test drive, you need to buy DVD and burn the ISO images on the same. It is not only the wastage of money as well as the discs are not particularly fast when compared to solid-state media.

Uses of Universal USB installer

Special superpower

If you have a thumb drive which is handy and it can least 4GB or more in size, then Universal USB Installer will give you the special power such as the ability to write ISO files of Linux distribution to a thumb drive for booting and installation onto the hard disk. This feature even purports to do USB stick style installers for Windows Vista, 7/8 if you want to skip the disc on those as well.

Bootable Linux installer stick

When you need to create a bootable Linux installer stick, you need to plug in your thumb drive, start the utility and select your favorite distro along with format options and drive, then click Create to start the process. If you have not downloaded the ISO beforehand, the installer gives an option to grab the file for you before starting the creation process. It depends on the distro which is selected from the menu, this entire job takes up to 5-10 minutes, depends on the size of the ISO and the speed of the flash memory.

Save directly to the Flash drive

You can use every operating system to create a working bootable drive that could run on your computer. To facilitate you a persistent file storage area can be added so that if you are in a Live USB session and need to save the documents for quick you will be able to save directly to the flash drive without running into read-only restrictions.

To facilitate the Windows user drives are also formatted as FAT32 making it easy to sneaker-net files over as these are needed without requiring fancy Ext* file system drivers.

Alternative Universal USB Apps


It is a useful, free program which is only available for Windows. This is categorized with productivity software with subcategory catalog and has been published by Pete Batard. This software is launched in the year 2012 and it has 196001 installations.
One of the best thing about this software you don’t need much storage than the average program in the section Productivity software. RUFUS is popular software in India, Pakistan and USA.

This software is available for the users or Windows XP and old versions and you can download it only in English.

Rufus BitTorrent Client

It’s a good free software which you can use only for Windows, it is the part of the category downloading software with subcategory P2P. The latest version of this software is 0.7.0 which was updated on 12/01/2005. The software requires a small amount of space for storage than the other programs in the section downloading software.


This software belongs to the free category of software utilities with the subcategory Operating Systems published by Arpad Kavacs.

It is available for the users which are using Windows 2000 and prior versions, it can be downloaded in English. This software is last updated as on 26/03/2013. This software is developed in the year 2011 and downloaded by 493.137. Unetibootin is a slick program that needs lesser free space than the average program as compared to the other software. This is popular software in India, United States and Pakistan.

Windows 10 USB DVD Download Tool

It is already available for purchase and you can install ISO file from Microsoft’s website. After paying for the file and finishing the downloading you need to check how to install it on your computer. It is a simple app that helps a novice user to install their brand new operating system without no effort.

Once you download this tool you need to launch Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool and follow the instructions on the screen. You only need a blank DVD or a USB with a minimum 4GB of storage capacity the whole process takes few seconds. The only drawback is that you can’t customize any setting in the installer.


YUMI is in the category of software utilities and the subcategory operating systems. It is created by Pendrivelinux. YUMI is a slick program which takes up less space than many software in the category Software utilities. It is mainly used in Pakistan, Brazil and India.
YUMI is added in the year 2012 and obtained 130902 downloads now. It is available for users which have Windows XP operating system and former versions and you can get this software in English.

Fedora LiveUSB Creator

It is an amazing free (gpl) program available for Windows added in the category of software in the year 2011.

Fedora is a slick software that requires less space than an average program in the section Software utilities. This software is used in India, Pakistan and USA. The persons who are using Windows 95 and prior versions can get it only in English. The current version is 3.10.0 and its last update happened on 10/06/2011.

WinUSB Maker

This tool converts the USB drive into a startup disk for Window 7 and 8. The process of conversion is really simple you need to execute WinUSB Maker after that you must decide if you want to make the start from the configuration folder or from an ISO image, select the device where you want to save it and start the process. It doesn’t require any installation it supports devices of up to 1TB and works excellent. It’s the perfect solution for your startup disks, putty for mac download.


It is an easy to follow program that helps you to make USB storage device bootable. If you are using installed the operating system using a CD or DVD you must know the how slow the process is. With the ISO to USB, you can take the image in ISO format and image it directly on the drive. This application is super simple with only a few options for the user to do.

The main interface of this software shows the user with drop down of the attached external drives on the computer. You can go for the format the Flash drive to FAT32, NTFS or exFAT. You only need to locate your ISO file and ISO to USB will do the rest.

No doubt the presentation was decent, but this software froze our system while making our flash drive bootable. When the system eventually resume it is a major and unacceptable flaw.


When it comes to the Software utilities Xboot comes under the subcategory CD & DVD talktosonic com.

It is a light software which needs less storage space than the average program in the category Software utilities. This is used in USA, UK and India.

The current version of this software is and the latest update happened on 27th May 2011. You can use the operating system Windows XP and older versions and available in English only. The total downloads of this software are 1,12, 813 as on date.

LiveUSB install

From the family of Window based program LiveUSB comes under the category of Productivity software with subcategory Cataloging and has been published by LiveUSB install.

It is available for the users which use Windows XP and former versions and downloaded in English. The current version of this software is 2.3.8 and it is last updated on 16/11/2012. The total downloads for LiveUSB install are 16,956 as of date. This software takes less space in your device and often downloaded in India.

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